GNIHE offers education in commerce, social sciences, humanities and basic sciences to students. The faculty, renowned for its meritorious basis profile and versatile talent, is dedicated to the cause of education. Through their three years at GNIHE, our students develop a sense of social responsibility, intellectual rigour, and practical knowledge. They learn communication, analytical and problem-solving skills, and a demonstrated ability to apply their education to our complex and diverse world. The College has always maintained high academic standards. More significantly, it has provided students an enabling and creative environment to freely develop and express views that help them respond to changes in society.


College will provide excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of society and help students to meet economic, social, and environmental challenges. Our students will become active participants in shaping the future of the world


There is a commitment to meet the educational and professional needs of its students. It aims to help its student develop strong knowledge base. We will encourage students to achieve their potential and prepare our graduates for careers and/or academic achievements.


The achievement of the mission shall be facilitated by following objectives
1 Qualified faculty dedicated to excellent teaching.
2 Research, Scholarship, academic freedom and faculty development.
3 To introduce and maintain adequate educational facilities, resources and services of high quality that can provide a stimulating environment conducive to learning.


Library is well equipped with course and reference books and journals and also e resources. Our college library is computerised with the help of OSS KOHA. OPAC provides access to e-books, ejournal, e-encyclopaedia and also our physical stock of books. It also provide list of new arrivals in the library online to student and faculty.